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When will your Fire TV or Firestick get the New Interface? — Current and Future Rollout Status

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Every time I write about the new Fire TV interface, there is always someone that asks when or if their device will be updated to the new interface. While that info can be found in my past articles, here it is in one place to tell you when every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Edition television will be getting the new interface. I’ll keep this list updated as new information emerges.

To determine exactly which Fire TV model you have, see this guide.

Fire TV Interface Update Status

  • bguide-image-firetv2.jpg?resize=75%2C75& Fire TV 1st-Generation – Never
  • bguide-image-firetv2.jpg?resize=75%2C75& Fire TV 2nd-Generation – Never
  • bguide-image-firetv3.jpg?resize=75%2C75& Fire TV 3rd-Generation – Rolling Out Now

Fire TV Stick Interface Update Status

  • bguide-image-firetvstick1.jpg?resize=75% Fire TV Stick 1st-Generation – Never
  • bguide-image-firetvstick.jpg?resize=75%2 Fire TV Stick 2nd-Generation – Coming Later This Year
  • bguide-image-firetvstick3.jpg?resize=75% Fire TV Stick 3rd-Generation – Released To All
  • bguide-image-firetvsticklite.jpg?resize= Fire TV Stick Lite 1st-Generation – Released To All
  • bguide-image-firetvstick4k.jpg?resize=75 Fire TV Stick 4K 1st-Generation – Rolling Out Now

Fire TV Cube Interface Update Status

  • bguide-image-firetvcube1.5.jpg?resize=75 Fire TV Cube 1st-Generation – Rolling Out Now
  • bguide-image-firetvcube1.5.jpg?resize=75 Fire TV Cube 2nd-Generation – Rolling Out Now

Fire TV Edition Interface Update Status

  • bguide-image-firetvedition2018toshiba.jp All Fire TV Edition Televisions & Soundbars – Coming Later This Year

Status Explination

  • Released To All – The update is available to everyone with this model. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check For Updates and the update should start to download.
  • Rolling Out Now – The update is available now to some of these models but not all. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check For Updates to see if your device is ready to receive the update. If not, then you’ll likely receive it in the next few weeks.
  • Coming Later This Year – This model will receive the new interface latert this year. The exact date is unknown.
  • Never – Amazon has said that this model will never receive the new interface.


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