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Zoom app launches on 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube for 2-way Video Calling through USB webcam

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Zoom has just launched its first Fire TV App for video calls through your TV. The app is currently only compatible with the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube. That’s because Amazon added USB webcam support last year to the current Fire TV Cube but has not yet extended that support to any other Fire TV models. The zoom app for Fire TV allows you to start meetings, join meets, see screen sharing, and other Zoom capabilities that you’d expect.

To use the Zoom app on a Fire TV Cube, you’ll need a USB webcam. The cameras that Amazon recommends are the Logitech C920 (1080p, $100), Logitech C922x (1080p, $120), Logitech C310 (720p, $50), Aukey PC-LM1E (1080p, $50), and Wansview 101JD (1080p, $25), but other cameras that support USB Video Class (UVC) with at least 720p resolution and 30fps will work. You also need a micro USB to full USB adapter, since the Fire TV Cube only has a micro USB port on the back. Amazon recommends cables from StarTech, UGREEN, and CableCreation, but really any one will work. If you want to retain Ethernet connectivity, which uses the micro USB port on the Fire TV Cube, while using a webcam, you’re going to need an adapter that also has Ethernet, like this one from Smays.

Once you have a webcam connected to the Fire TV Cube via the micro USB adapter, you can then launch the Zoom app to get on a video call. Alternatively, you can say “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting” and Alexa will ask for the meeting ID and passcode. If you have your calendar linked to Alexa, and there are Zoom meetings on your calendar, the next Zoom meeting you have will automatically be joined without needing to speak the meeting ID or passcode.


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