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Alexa can now give you more time to finish speaking with its new Adaptive Listening Mode

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Amazon has added a new feature called Adaptive Listening to Alexa devices, as reported by The Verge. Once enabled, Alexa will give you more time to finish speaking before it starts to respond to you. This will surely be handy for those with speech impediments but will also be nice for anyone who finds that Alexa cuts in mid-sentence when they’re just pausing for a second before completing their request.

Unlike the recently released Adaptive Volume feature, which makes Alexa speak louder when it’s noisy, Adaptive Listening Mode is not enabled across your entire account. Rather, it must be turned on per Alexa device that you would like to use it on. There doesn’t seem to be a way to enable it by voice, so you’ll need to enable it with the Alexa app. To do so, go to Settings > Device Settings and select the Alexa device you want to enable it on. Then tap the gear icon in the upper right and scroll down to find the “Adaptive Listening” section where you can toggle the feature on or off.

In addition to adding Adaptive Listening Mode, Amazon has added the ability for Android users to type their requests to Alexa within the Alexa app. This ability first came to iOS devices late last year. To use it, tap the large Alexa icon at the top of the Alexa app’s home screen and then tap the keyboard icon at the bottom of the listening screen. The feature is technically a public preview, so Amazon warns that it may not work perfectly.


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