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ASCiiDiTY GAMiNG | Doom Duel Server

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If anybody likes to play doom online, we have our own duel server.


Screenshot 2020-12-08 021711.jpg

You can access the server and play it via: https://zandronum.com

Here are the needed WAD files: https://asciidity.xyz/wads/

Just search ASCii... in the Doomseeker server list.

Currently we are running a modded version of Super Skulltag, using modified versions of default weapons (no railgun etc..), with added gore, footstep sounds, water effects, killing sprees, special attacks and much more, combined with rotating, classic duel map packs.


Thanks to all content creators. I'm working on making a full credit page for the server, and it will be added soon.

Enjoy :beach:

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